Monolit Projects was officially born in 2015, but it has been brewing for many years in our hearts.

After several failed experiences in various projects that left us great lessons, we decided that we had to start something new and fresh, with our hands, that had a purpose greater than ourselves.

We did not want to look at our navel again and that was our whole life.

We wanted to put our hands to work on something that had an eternal impact.

Being the richest man in the cemetery is not what matters most to me … going to bed every night saying «we’ve done something wonderful» is what really worries me. Steve Jobs

From this reflection, a totally different approach was born.

We have understood that our gifts and talents, our projects, are the platform to change the world that is within our reach.

4 pillars hold Monolit Projects:


«Because of this, I always try to maintain
an awareness clean before God and all people»
Acts 24:16


«Good is science with inheritance;
and it’s the excellence of those who see the sun»
Ecclesiastes 7:11


«Because where your treasure is,
there will be your heart»
Matthew 6:21


«Good for the one who gives generously,
and he manages his business with justice»
Psalm 112:5